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Your prices, done for you

That's usually a year later when our accountant tells us we've been making losses and it's because we've got more going out than what's coming in. 

The problem is the pricing

The problem WAS the pricing, until NOW! 

The Freelance Suite pricing app has landed and not only is it making 1000's of freelancer's lives easier, but they're making MORE MONEY TOO!

Running your own business means your not just working IN it, you also have to work ON it. 

Admin, Accounts, Marketing, Socials and trying to work out WHAT to even charge for your services.

It's exhausting and time consuming. It can also be overwhelming and sometimes a task that we just don't know how to do, so we avoid it altogether until its too late.

How it works.

The initial set up is simple and takes only a few minutes

If you use any products for your business, you simply add them into your product inventory page. Set the weight and price that your pay for it and it's now part of your product library. You can edit the price or weights at any time. 

Once a product is added all you ever need to do is update it if there should be a price or weight alteration

Set your desired working structure

How many weeks, days and hours you'd like to work and pick what yearly salary you'd like. Simple. Come back and tweak any of it at any time. You're the boss so you're in charge of your pay rises from now on!

Costs. This is where you add any fixed monthly costs you pay to run your business. Things like rent, insurance, mobile phone, wifi or fuel. Again, once its been input, all you have to do is come back and add, delete or update if any of those costs go up.

Now you're ready to start pricing your services and start hitting your business goals!






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